Flower Scar Fell Race. 

Both myself and an established fell running work colleague put ourselves onto the waiting list for this race due to it being full when we tried to enter. Fortunately, due to people dropping out we were eventually offered places. 

The Flower Scar Fell Race was a counter in the 2015 FRA English Championship and also acted as the 2015 Yorkshire Championship for seniors and u23′s. 

As you can imagine this race attracted the best fell runners in the UK, only Tom Adams was missing due to inter county cross country. Knowing how high profile this race was and the caliber of runner on the start line I was rather nervous. My ultimate aims were not to make a fool out of myself and to try not to come last. 

This was a gem of a race with steep climbs, rough moor and fast paths, typifying all that’s best about South Pennine fell running. The race was a distance of 9 km (5.6 miles) with 470 metres (1,542 feet) of climbing. The Chevin is a climb of about 180 metres (600 feet) to put it into perspective. 

I went off hard at the start and dug really deep to hang on to the runners in front for as long as I could. The gap to those in front of me got bigger and the gap to those behind was shortening towards the top of flower scar . With my legs hurting, lungs burning and a general feeling of nausea I disengaged brain and threw myself down the hills and the gap to the people behind was once again lengthening. 

After a long down hill run there was a sting in the tail. The route went back up again for about 300 feet before rejoining the outward track and then the fast decent to the finish. 

This race was very tough and it hurt a lot. But I loved it!! My aim was to enjoy myself, have fun, develop further my fell running and not come last, all achieved. I finished in 323rd out of 328 in a time of 01:26:01. 

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